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Emmie Kao


Emmie is a junior at The Bishop’s School. Her favorite subjects are math and science, and she also participates in Speech and Debate and Model United Nations. When she’s not in a Speech tournament, MUN conference, or math competition, Emmie plays soccer and tennis. Her favorite hobbies are reading and digital design. When I first started at Kid By Kid in eighth grade, I wanted to use my passion for math and reading/writing to teach younger students in these areas. Since then, I have grown as a mentor and learner due to the KBK experience. More importantly, KBK has also enabled me to make valuable connections with students that I would not have made elsewhere. I have had several students with whom I have connected, especially during the ‘break time’ allotted in sessions. Here, I have found students’ passions and interests, such as art and puzzles. KBK has driven me to continue tutoring students of all different ages, making meaningful connections that have proven to be invaluable for both my learner and myself.

Emmie Kao
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