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Emmie Kao


Emmie is a sophomore at The Bishop’s School. Her favorite subjects are math and science, and she also participates in Speech and Debate and Model United Nations. When she’s not in a Speech tournament, MUN conference, or math competition, Emmie plays soccer and tennis. Her favorite hobbies are baking and digital design.
Why you do KBK (4+ sentences): When I first started at Kid by Kid, I wanted to use my passion for math and reading/writing to teach younger students in these areas. Since then, I have grown as a mentor and learner due to the KBK experience. More importantly, KBK has also enabled me to make valuable connections with students that I would not have made elsewhere. I have had several students with whom I have connected, especially during the ‘break time’ allotted in sessions. Here, I have found students’ passions and interests, such as art and puzzles. Once, I was even able to deliver a Halloween gift to a student in person at their house. Interactions like these have shown that KBK is a valuable experience for both learners and mentors.

Emmie Kao
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