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Round Rock High School

Round Rock High School is a public high school located in Round Rock, a suburb of North Austin. Founded in 1867, it is the oldest high school in the Round Rock Independent School District. The mission of Round Rock High School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, promote respect and acceptance of self and others. Create and maintain diverse opportunities. Develop a strong foundation for future academic achievement and success for all students. Encourage a community environment.

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Round Rock High School


Kaitlyn Lau

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, a native Texan and a student at Round Rock High School. I am an engineer at heart, with a passion for improving things. My favorite subjects are math and science. At school, I am an active member of Math Honor Society, English Honor Society, varsity robotics team, and several other clubs to keep me well rounded. In my free time, I enjoy singing, perfecting origami, mastering Tae Kwon Do, and early-morning road-biking. In addition to tutoring at Kid By Kid, you’ll often find me both officially and unofficially tutoring my classmates in a variety of subjects, and teaching children at Sunday School. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was evident that children with fewer resources would suffer in their education. Having been home-schooled during my formative years, I knew the importance of early intervention to build a strong foundation and confidence. The pandemic compelled me to evaluate ways to help students who needed help most. I started small— tutoring one underserved student from an acquaintance for free. Subsequently while researching how to start a nonprofit to extend services to more underserved students, I discovered the amazing work Daxton Gutekunst had already begun in California with Kid By Kid. Instead of reinventing the wheels as an 8th grader, I decided to team up with Kid By Kid to start the first KBK chapter in Texas. Kid By Kid allows me to utilize my talent to teach and to build relationships with my students. It gives me joy to serve students who lack resources, to witness their improvements, and to empower them to succeed on their own.

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