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Ensworth School

We envision a school community dedicated to following the highest principles with the greatest love, as characterized by moral integrity, intellectual vitality, discipline, compassion, humor and joy.

We envision a school where a deep sense of community and belonging pervades all aspects of school life, where all members participate in a broad array of diverse activities both in and out of the classroom, and where collaboration, integration, and tradition thrive.

We envision a school committed to growth and learning for all members of its community, as reflected in communication that is open, honest, and direct, in decision-making that is inclusive, flexible, and efficient, in school governance that is clear and transparent, in practices that honor diversity of mind, and in opportunities for faculty development and innovation as fundamental components of their professional responsibilities.

And we envision a school that reaches beyond itself to its broader community, that embraces service opportunities, and that serves as a leader in the national educational community.

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Ensworth School

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